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Report Generated: April 3, 2019, 7:04 AM UTC

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Slow page
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Here Are Your Key CX Insights

Images Analyzed
144 kB
Page Weight, 48% Images
590 ms
Page Loading Time

Current Image Weight

144 kB

When Optimized

59.1 kB

Page loads 28% faster with Adaptive Delivery

*According to McKinsey’s “Customer experience: New capabilities, new audiences, new opportunities,” 2017. Image Optimization accounts for almost 50% of Web Performance issues, being the shortcut to better CX. Learn more in our Ebook.

Behavioral Insights

Bounce Rate is OK
Good job! doesn’t seem to lose customers due to high bounce rates. Those are much affected by page-load times.
page load time, sec
Engagement Rate is affected can gain 3% more pageviews per session with image optimization.
Engagement rate for can be improved by 3% by applying basic image optimization.
More page
page views, before and after
Comparative Analysis
Absolute page-load times are less important than the ones for a particular niche. Run CX analyses for competitor sites.
avg. load time is 3.21 sec

The Weakest Spot in Your CX

By optimizing images, you can dramatically boost the customer
experience. Let’s look at this example.

142 kB
1260 x 720 px
184 ms
Image Load Time
3G 750kb/s
Image Issues
Change image format to suit this browser.
Can be compressed at no visual quality loss.
57.4 kB
1260 x 720 px @2x
74 ms
Image Load Time
3G 750kb/s
Instant Fix
Using Uploadcare Adaptive Delivery, we automatically tailored theimage to your layout and fixed all its issues to get it load 2x faster.
Applied operations:

Your page’s image breakdown

We’ve prepared a free audit with full stats on every image on this page and
figured how they can be optimized.

1.88 kB
111 x 28 px
2 ms
3G 750kb/s
1.11 kB
111 x 28 px @2x
1 ms
3G 750kb/s
Optimized with Adaptive Delivery
653 B
56 x 14 px
0 ms
3G 750kb/s
Yoo-hoo looks optimized!
Beautiful. Consider using Responsive Images to get fast on every device.
142 kB
1260 x 720 px
184 ms
3G 750kb/s
57.4 kB
1260 x 720 px @2x
74 ms
3G 750kb/s
Optimized with Adaptive Delivery

Fix those issues

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