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Page Loading Time
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Slow page
🚜 Too many slow images on a page. That badly affects your load times and drives away users. Consider studying this report.


Bounce Rate
Good job. doesn’t seem to lose customers due to high bounce rates.
Research shows those are much affected by page-load times.
of visitors bounce when page speed is 1.3 sec, median
page load time, sec
Engagement Rate research shows the faster your site loads the more page visits you get.
Images don’t seem to affect engagement rates for
The median number of visited pages related to load time
page load time, sec
Comparative Analysis
Littledata research shows you should consider average page-load times in your business niche. That will help you set target optimization rates.
Run the analyses for competitors’ sites.
above the average
avg. load time is 3.21 sec

Your page’s image breakdown

Check out the details on each of your 0 images. We added some tips to help you accelerate.

Fix those issues

We prepared a step-by-step guide on fixing all page-load issues related to images, videos, and GIFs.
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